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  • 1 Special Features:

    • Excellent Anti-Slip Properties

    • Low Slip Potential

    • PU Treatment

    • Low Cost Easy Maintenance

    • Tough + Durable

    • Ideal Colour for Industrial Use

    • VOC Compliant

    • 2 Metre OR 1 Metre Wide and 10 Metre Long Roll

    • Typically up to 3 times the tensile strength of standard walkway mats. (75Kg/cm2(min.))

    • Thickness controlled to a tolerance of ± 0.15mm
  • 2 Applications:

    • Ramps and sloped corridor access

    • Lift areas and entrances

    • Kitchen areas or wet areas in hospitals, schools, leisure centres, holiday camps and other industries

    • Garages and workshops

    • Delivery and preparation areas

    • Construction site offices

    • Storage rooms

    • Locker rooms

Polymax's high-viz, slip resistant and flexible floor covering is available in 2.00mm thickness and 2m and 1m wide rolls, with a special R12 slip resistant embossing which provides excellent safety properties. Complies with the EN 649 norm (34 / 43) and is suitable for transport and most commercial and industrial areas. It is an adapted solution for medium traffic applications where enhanced slip resistance, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance are required.

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